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We Know How To Fix It

We all know time is valuable, and so is our computer’s health.   We are a company out of Loomis, Ca that cares for your computer as if it were our own.  We want to make sure it is in the best health possible.  The whole point of going onsite, is so that we can fix it in it’s own environment, that means if there is connection issues with printers or modems, or display problems, we can replicate the issue and get it solved as quickly as possible to get you on your feet running at normal speed with as little down time as possible.  So if you have a custom computer from us, or you just need a tune-up, we can make your computer run the way it should, like when you first bought it.

When we started Construct Your Computer, it was all about the upgrades, and custom computer market.  But this has changed so much since smart phones became the new norm.  But there are still those of us who have to run a business and we rely on computers for all of our tasks at work and home.  That is why Construct Your Computer is here.

We want to make sure that your computer is running optimally at all times.  We are good at what we do for a reason, and that reason is that we have been around since the evolution of computers all the way back in the 1900’s.  (That’s what the kids say these days :)).  So Next Time You Have A Computer issue, Don’t Forget to Construct Your Computer.

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PC or Apple

$75/ Hour

First hour to come out for a diagnosis is only $50.00. We will assess the situation, and usually we can get the most simple issues handled within the first hour.


We Come to You


Upgrade Your OS or install a new SSD. This does not include the SSD and does NOT include Backup. Please have all your data you want to save backed up.


First Hour Special


We are mobile! We will come to you to diagnose and perform small fixes for our introductory new client $50.00 special. This could be a tune up, or maybe an e-mail issue